Kremer Pigments – Roger Carmona Interview

23 Mar Kremer Pigments – Roger Carmona Interview

Please click on the link below to listen to my interview with Roger Carmona of Kremer Pigments.

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About Roger Carmona:

roger_carmonaRoger Carmona is an artist currently investigating the relationship of color to poverties. He is the Instructor and General Manager at Kremer Pigments NYC where he has spent the past eight years teaching raw materials and techniques to painters, sculptors, interior designers, architects, violin makers, conservators and anyone else interested in experimenting with paint. He has consulted on various restorations of buildings and projects that aim to mimic surfaces, most recently an all gold conceptual design for the Architectural Venice Biennale. He received an MFA from Bard College, where through his work he first used color as a research tool for understanding manners of communication.

About Kremer Pigments:

Kremer Pigments has been discovering and redeveloping historical pigments since 1977. Their assortment consists of over 1000 different mineral pigments made from precious and semiprecious stones.

Due to their experience with pigments made of precious stones and minerals, they have picked the best industrially manufactured pigments for artistic painting. Several hundred modern pigments complete the historical palette. Historical and modern binders, natural dyes, modern synthetic pigments, chemicals as well as additives, round off the assortment.
They have subsidiaries in Europe’s largest cities and also New York.

Video about Properties of Oil Paint and Mixing from Pigment:

I found a video lecture of Roger Carmona discussing oils.

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