About Christine Palma

I am Public Affairs Director for KXLU Los Angeles, 88.9 FM. I produce and host “Echo in the Sense,” a weekly hour-long radio show featuring long form interview, lectures, and magazine-like feature pieces. The program has been on-air since 1994.




At the 48TH Southern California Journalism Awards, I scored this hat-trick:


Winner in 3 categories:

  1. Best Website of a Native Internet Publication (i-8) (for www.echointhesense.com)
  2. Best Design and Layout in the Online Category (i-3) **Beating LAtimes.com and Variety.com**
  3. Designer of the Year (a-8)






www. 13 Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird .com




Moments of absurdity and the sublime, the fresh perspective, the novel, the spark




May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight… =^_^=




Adorno wrote – “To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.”

I guess I’m looking for ways to maintain optimism in the face of the increasingly decentralized world we live in, both on a personal level and in terms of the current national politics. Which begs the question: Is ambivalence/distance (being once/twice/totally removed – the dance between approach and avoidance) our only safety?




A good night’s sleep can change the world.




Had to learn the hard way that—–> No good deed goes unpunished.




The “sublime;” the search for authenticity; the built environment & sustainability; drawing, painting, sculpture; DARPA Grand Challenge, robotics and military technology; public radio; design that stops you in your tracks; fontography; This American Life; classical civilizations; Parabola magazine themes; catching up on sleep; visiting more places in the world; meeting unique people with a story; becoming a better writer and artist.


Christine at KXLU

I love kxlu!

On fuel booster at Rocketdyne

On fuel booster at Rocketdyne

Home of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory and one of the worst nuclear disasters in US history.

At the DARPA Grand Challenge

At the DARPA Grand Challenge

An unmanned robot vehicle race through the desert!